About Us

SHANALEE THOMSON:  ShanaLee (Shana) moved to Ottawa from Halifax where she studied Business Management at Dalhousie University with a cross disciplinary specialization in Environment, Society and Sustainability.  Her post-secondary studies left her with a broad understanding of the interrelated priorities affecting businesses and investors today. She factors in the triple-bottom-line (people, planet, and profit) when she approaches investment opportunities.
For over five years she worked in the fast paced customer focused industry of building material sales as an Account Manager for one of Canada’s largest lumber suppliers.  Leveraging her experience in managing corporate customers she also worked successfully in the Kanata high-tech sector; with encouragement from family and friends she left the high-tech world to pursue one of her goals of being a Real Estate Professional and Entrepreneur.
Shana is well positioned to deal with Investor Clients but a families home is typically their single largest investment, as such, incorporating Shana’s understanding of markets and investment opportunities can help you make a decision that is good for your needs today and in the future. Shana specializes in looking at properties as investment opportunities.
Having grown up in a family of Construction Professionals Shana pays a special attention to detail when viewing homes as an extension of her Clients.  For example, it would be incorrect to presume that R3 zoning would enable the construction of three residential dwellings on a given lot, Shana’s in depth understanding of current zoning regulations enables her to to make more accurate predictions as to the “buildability” of a parcel of land. With extensive experience looking at land valuation, zoning, and construction techniques Shana is able to present a unique insight into prospective properties.
As passionate as she is about fine urban living Shana is also naturally drawn to water, which has recently prompted her, her husband, and miniature schnauzer Effie to move to a waterfront property on Manotick Long Island.  Shana is also passionate about volunteering with the Ontario Network for Education (and Junior Achievement Programs) and generally doing literally anything outdoors.